Not playing / randomly muting, major issue

Not playing / randomly muting, major issue


Just today my app on my iPhone 6 seemed to stop working. Tracks will either not play at all, if if they do just before the halfway mark the sound cuts out with the time bar still going and nothing I do helps besides going back to the beginning of the track. And when I do that, the sound still cuts out again, if it even will start playing again.


I deleted/reinstalled the app, I have plenty of memory, no other apps are running at the same time and my sound is on...I don't know what else to do. I can't use the app at all right now, and that's the whole reason I have an account.



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I'm having the same issues.  Not counting the whole "Save an album, doesn't show up in Saved Albums" bit this is the worst issue.  Selected a track to play and I've been waiting over 5 minutes with still nothing happening.


I'm having the same issue - been happening a lot more lately though.  iPhone 5 - iOS 8.01


Tracks usually play, then get to the next song and decide to stop playing audio.  It appears to be playing, but nothing happens.  Only happens on phone - headphones connected, via bluetooth, or just through speakers.  Really a pain when I'm snowblowing (frequently) and it stops playing!

Fix please!  I pay for premium for a reason!

Same thing here, glad I wasn't having a party, this app is **bleep**.


This just started for me.  I have my favorite songs on playlists on my IPad.  Every song starts but stops after approximately 1.5 minutes.  No sound, but song is continuing according to sound bar.  I can start hearing a different song, but sound also stops abruptly.  Help!  I have been a subscriber for a few years now so nonpayment is not the issue.  

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