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Offline Mode Requires Connection to Login


Offline Mode Requires Connection to Login

Offline mode is requiring me to login with an internet connection everytime I try to use it.  It's supposed to store the session for 30 days but unless I start the app with a data connection and then turn off my data, it does not allow me to play my offline music.


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Yup that fixed it!  It took me several tries for the password reset to actually work.  In fact I couldn't even use the link you sent me, I had to do a password reset, which was finally able to commit a new password.  Thanks for the help!

So what is the solution? If I have no internet connection, I cant connect to facebook. But thats exactly what the OFFLINE mode is for? This seems really weird.


Anybody has an answer? Would be great 🙂

ya but the moderators keep ripping down the answer instead of making their engineers actually do work to fix the problem....


disconnect your facebook credentials and establish spotify credentials for login on the website (this is a labor intesive process since they don't want you to do it but it is possible)  Dig around the website and use the password recovery tools to make a spotify password.  Once you've established spotify credentials for login, you can reconnect your facebook and then sign in on your mobile using the spotify login method and everything should work again.

Wait, that isn't a fix it is a workaround. Spotify needs to give an update to all of us on the issue and make this a high priority bug fix. There will be more reports soon I'm sure since many people only use offline mode when they really need it. They will be severely aggravated when they are stuck without music. Like us.

Agreed, but the workaround is the only thing that actually works til they get it fixed.

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