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Offline albums STILL not queueing despite spotify saying they fixed it

Offline albums STILL not queueing despite spotify saying they fixed it







Iphone 8

Operating System

iOS 13.4.1


My Question or Issue

I am livid.  After going through multiple troubleshooting steps leading to deleting and reinstalling the app, redownloading all of my offline music three times, some albums will still NOT QUEUE.  Both the team responding here on the community and the customer support people have done nothing but placate me with nonsense solutions.  I am tired of being gaslit by Spotify.  What is the problem here?  Why do you keep lying?  This was not an issue all but 3 weeks to a month ago.  

I cannot be the only customer you're about to lose.  I really don't want to leave because so many devices use your platform and it will make my life so much harder, but I cannot justify paying for two streaming services JUST SO I CAN LISTEN TO MUSIC OFF OF A NETWORK!  What do I have to do, bribe someone to actually fix this rather than give me this run around?!  


4 Replies

I have the same problem, and I went through all that mentioned here.

I'm tired!

Unfortunately I will cancel the service because I will not pay for something defective.

I am beyond livid right now. YOU people....Customer support had me /1"DELETE MY WHOLE ACCOUNT AND IT STILL DOESNT WORK! WHAT THE **bleep**?!?!?!?!?1


migrated to apple music ... I don’t give my money to Spotify anymore

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