Offline playlists disappearing all the time

Offline playlists disappearing all the time


I recently lost all of my offline playlists for the forth time in three weeks and now i have to spend another couple of hours resyncing everything, the first time i got the three devices offline list limit, but i dont even have spotify on that many devices.
and now im just loosing them without a message, so why am i paying full price for a faulty program.
can you please fix the problem in a near future, theres allot of people with the same problem but it seems like you dont even care to fix it.

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I also am having the same issue. I travel abroad frequently so I used to sync all my tracks on my Iphone 4S and then go to my settings and turn my phone to offline mode to eliminate any download charges. Up until recently my phone stored all tracks synced as long as I went online within 30 days. Now I get the same message that I am logged on 3 devices in offline mode and in order to continue I have to quit and relog on. As soon as I do this I have to Re sync all tracks again. What has changed?


My girlfriend has the same problems with her iphone.. we have spotify and account installed on one android phone and at least two computers.. is this the problem with too many installed users, using same user and these offline playlists are gone?

Simple solution then or?




I have just started to get this again. Since yesterday my phone resynced 10GB of data twice. This is pathetic. 

It all stopped when Spotify announced that they're doing improvement to Offline sync, but as I said, it looks like it's coming back. 

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