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Only Saving One Song and Seeing All Songs From Album in the Album Library

Only Saving One Song and Seeing All Songs From Album in the Album Library




United States


iPhone 7

iOS 12.1.4


Recently, my Spotify Premium was updated to 8.4.97 and it is one of the worst upgrades that I have experienced in the app yet. I am typically very specific about the songs I save from an album to my library and Spotify has allowed me to do that for the three years that I have had Spotify Premium. I was not until recently that I was very bothered by the new update that Spotify received; songs that I did not save to my library show-up when I am attempting to select an album to listen to when I may have only saved one select song from it. If I only saved a few songs from one album to my library, I expect that selection of songs to show up the next time that I view the album in my library. Currently, I am thinking about switching to another streaming service that does have this feature still since Spotify has removed it. I hope this issue gets resolved soon, if not I will have to leave Spotify after being subscribed as a premium member for multiple years now. Thank you and I hope that this issue gets resolved immediately. 


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I made a similar post about the same stupid problem. Unfortunately I haven't heard from any developer if this is a bug or "feature" several people commented with the same problem. One "solution" is to turn the app into the offline mode, it won't work unless you have the song downloaded but it still shows just the song/songs that you may have liked in an album so hopefully its just a bug and this isn't how it will always be


  • I agree, I am having the same problem and it is a very annoying problem. I like to just see the songs i’ve liked on an album not the whole album, if you guys can fix this bug ASAP!

I second this. Somebody get this thread some attention, because this needs to go back to the way it was. It seemed that Spotify understood that if I don't add an entire album to my Library then I don't want the entire album when viewing it in my Library. I hope this is still the case and they return it back to normal.

I recently talked with spotify support about the issue but it seems they are just taking all feedback but not making a change with it... this definitely needs to go back to the way it was or I might end up switching to apple music!!

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