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Organize by Genre/Artist/Album

Organize by Genre/Artist/Album

Spotify should create a new feature to organize all the music by Genre/Artist/Album, and leave the Playlist as an extra tool to select your favorite songs.


Otherwise, for now, we need to create a playlist with the Genre, Into that the Artist and them the Album.


Or another option is to user an App,


However, come on, it would be easy to implement this option on the software as you have got all the music info.


Come on guys, lets support this idea!!

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100% agree.  I feel like they have to be working on a collection feature (browseable by Artist/Album at least) for desktop and mobile.


This is the biggest downfall for Spotify for me right now.

I have just found one competitor called RDIO ( that do this, there is one option called "Collection" which organize everything.

I hope Spotify can add this feature also, otherwise I will move to that one for sure...

It is so annoyig and frustrating the fact that we can't hit play to all saved songs from one genre or subgenres... If I want to listen to all my saved rock songs, then I would have to go through my whole 1.000.000. songs library and select every rock song and add it to a playlist, it is just not possible, having said that Spotify doesnt let their users to listen to all of their saved songs of specific genres... We need a Genres/subgenres tab in our library section urgent.


Im probably canceling my suscription because of this limitating issue

Hey folks,


Thanks for reaching out.


It seems that other users have also requested this to be changed and they've created this idea. You can add your support there by up-voting the idea. We'll inform on any developments there, as soon  as there are any. So make sure to subscribe, if you haven't already. 


The Idea Exchange is a great way for us to see what our users are interested in and how many people like a certain idea. You can read more about it here.


Hope you find this useful. Keep us posted if you have any questions.

Mihail Moderator
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