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There is a specific song i want to play that shows as unplayable but when i touch it to try and play it i get a pop up that says " SONG NOT DOWNLOADED" "If you own the song, you can sync it from your computer." 

I obviously don't own the song but i still tried playing it on my computer and it didnt work so i dont know what to do. If there is a solution to this problem the help would be greatly appreciated i dont want to have to use youtube everytime i want to listen to this song. all the information i have is provided below.

Song Name: What Hurts The Most

Song listed on Spotify as: Aaron Lewis - What hurts the most (LIVE)

Original Artist: Rascal Flats 

Cover Artist: Aaron Lewis

Artist listed on Spotify as: Unknown artist

On a Playlist by: MAX CARLSON

Playlist Name: Aaron Lewis - What hurts the most (LIVE)

The playlist has 1,154 which leads me to believe that it can be a playable song seeing as how it is the only song on the playlist with the execption of an untitled song that does the same as the one in question




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Unfortunately, this song is a local file that the creator of this playlist has added and is, therefore, not availible for sharing across the Spotify platform. 


What would I have to do to in order to upload it myself so I could listen to it. 


You would have to buy the song from a provider that would allow you to download it in the form of a supported file format (mp3, m4p, or mp4) and import it on the desktop version of the app, add it to a playlist, and download that playlist on your iphone. More information about local files can be found here


Thanks for all the help 

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