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People Section in iPhone not showing anyone

People Section in iPhone not showing anyone

Hi Folks,


I had to reinstall Spotify.


Previously, when I clicked on *People* it would show me loads of facebook friends who have spotify and their playlists - something I liked.  Since reinstalling, I no longer see anyone listed in the *people* section.  I AM linked with my facebook account.


I have tried:

 - disconnecting and reconnecting to facebook

- deleting and reinstalling app

- logging out and back in

- removing app from facebook and reconnecting

- connecting via my MAC


However none of these solve that I cannot see others playlists.


I DO see activity when on my MAC of what facebook friends listen to, however do not see any playlists like I did before on my iOS device.


Hope you can help?



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I'm having thew same problem on my PC. It's not showing my friends on the right side anymore. Also when trying to search for friends it's stuck in an infinite loop.

(Using Spotify Premium)

Same issue here!

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