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Phone died, spotify auto logged out, music deleted. Happens every time.

Phone died, spotify auto logged out, music deleted. Happens every time.



Usa, Delaware



Apple IPhone 11 Pro Max

Operating System

Latest IOS 

Attempted solutions to fix the problem:

Logging out and logging back in

deleting Spotify and re downloading Spotify

trying Spotify beta

reseting all Spotify settings

clearing cache

factory reset of iPhone



For the past few months, whenever I’m using Spotify at work and my phone dies, when I charge my phone and open Spotify, I have been logged out. Anytime I am logged out all of my saved music ends up deleted. (My liked songs list aka my downloaded music has 1,671 songs at this moment in time{which my phone has plenty of space for})

This is an extreme inconvenience for me as I do not have internet access at work. I also can’t keep my phone on a charger because I move constantly over a wide range of space, and listening to music requires headphones which I plug in to the device as well through the charging port. 

The exact same situation happens when the Spotify client has had an update. Without a strong enough data connection, and no wifi access anywhere except for at home, If my cellphone dies and all my music is deleted, I have nothing to listen to for the rest of the day until I get home and plug it in and connect to the wifi. Some days I don’t even make it home because I have to travel after work to go on business trips away from home. (If I were musicless for an entire multi day trip I would likely loose my mind.)


I guess this isn’t entirely a mechanical issue with Spotify but it’s highly inconvenient and I wish that music would not be automatically uninstalled whenever you are logged out. It would make more sense to wait till someone is logged in to verify their premium status first, then if the user no longer has a premium membership the files could be deleted remotely the same way that it does currently on log out. 

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Hey @stevencookiesp

Thank you for reaching out and for the troubleshooting you've done so far.

The behavior you're describing seems very odd. Usually, Spotify app doesn't auto log you out of your account when your phone dies. Neither deletes your saved music.

It might be device security protocol that wipes all data of the last used app when the phone dies. Does this happens with other apps as well or only with Spotify? 

Hope you find this useful. Keep us posted if you have any other questions.

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