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Playing random songs when I open spotify

Playing random songs when I open spotify






iPhone 12

Operating System

iOS 11


My Question or Issue

Everytime I open the Spotify app, a song I have never heard before will be playing. It is usually and almost always a song by Reggie Mills. This issue has been affecting my listening history and I would like it to stop.

3 Replies

Hi @sebvstheworld,


Thank you for reaching out to the Community.


Sorry to hear that you have this experience. We'd like to investigate this further.


In this case we suggest that you follow all of the steps that's provided in this article to make sure there's no unauthorized activity on your account.


Let us know how everything works after 🙂

Take care!



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The problem isn't the particular song or artist that plays, it's that anything plays at all. I hate opening Spotify just to have it start blasting something random in my face. I don't want it to play something until I tell it to. Why is it shoving music I didn't ask for in my face every time I open it? Why have I not been able to find a setting to turn that off? I'm PAYING for this damn service, why do I have to put up with such nonsense, as if it's blasting me with ads? I am THIS close to uninstalling and canceling my plan. The app didn't always do this, but now it does, and even though Mute is selected by default, it's broken and doesn't work. I have to manually turn OFF mute to then press Mute AGAIN and have it actually muted. And every time I stop my music and go back to the main page, the random music starts again.... it was doing it with video until I found the settings to turn off all video. This is utterly unacceptable. All I want is a music app that plays what I want it to when I want it to. I wish tech companies would stop trying to be clever and just give us the basic functionality we want.

I had the exact same issue as empbac start happening about a week ago on premium mobile Android. Anytime I go to the home page Spotify starts playing some random promotional song with a video to go along with it. Terribly annoying, useless, and a case of a product I already pay for shoving random material in my face. Spotify, please remove this "feature".

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