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Playlist Duplicated Songs

Playlist Duplicated Songs

Anyone have any idea why every song in my playlist was duplicated 25 times? Is there an easy way to "undo" this? Thanks.
3 Replies

Hi there @michaeljbrown59,

Thank you for reaching out to the Community. Can you tell me if your "duplicated" songs are songs that you added or that it randomly duplicated itself 25 times? Thanks

Looking out for your replies.

It randomly duplicated every song. I didn’t do it. Not sure how it happened. Thanks.

Hi @michaeljbrown59,

I would recommend you creating another playlist with the same title and same songs, and I would move the songs you had on the old playlist and move it to the new one.

If you have followers on the playlist that you are having issues about, I suggest you remove them by pressing shift/ctrl depending on what computer you are using. Starting from the top where it starts duplicating and go all the way down until it ends then select all of the duplicated songs and delete them.

Note: You will need to have to use a computer to do this, otherwise you will have to individually remove each song, which can take a while.

Hope this helps. Looking out for your replies.

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