Playlist I didn't create


Playlist I didn't create

A week or so ago all my music disappeared and 2 playlist of music I don't listen too were created and in my account that I didn't create. All my lists have been restored and a recent similar list of music says I created this list of music I don't listen too while I wasn't on my device to create it. Technical support has been useless..
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Hi @gabby4h and welcome to the community 🙂


You say your deleted lists have been restored? If that's the case, I see no issue in deleted the random list, and changing your Spotify (and Facebook if you use that to login) password, just to be on the safe side.



Re: Playlist I didn't create

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on top of what @Liam suggested:


If you suspect someone is using your account, you can sign out your Spotify Account from all devices by following the simple steps below:

1) Go to your Spotify Account & Login
Click here:

2) At the right side of the page you will see this:

Sign out everywhere

Sign out wherever you have Spotify open, including the web, mobile, desktop or any other devices.


3) Click on the button that says: “Sign out Everywhere” 

4) Profit! 

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