Playlist inaccuracies

Playlist inaccuracies







(iPad7 and iPhone)

Operating System

(iOS 15)


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Playlists do are not playing accurately, active track (in the left corner) is NOT the track shown in green in the playlist, as per screenshot, this has been happening for a week or so now across all my playlists on multiple devices. Sometimes there is no green track even though there is a track playing in the main active track display, especially after skipping tracks. Makes it very hard to cue tracks.

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Hi @Drzog,


Thank you for reaching out to the Community.


If you're having issues with the app, we suggest you start by running a clean reinstall, as this one is more thorough than a regular one and can be helpful to get rid of any cache that might be causing trouble. 


In case the issue persists, please let us know if the same happens when you play music directly through your device's speakers and not through an external Bluetooth device as it's shown on the screenshot.


Keep us posted.

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Thank you for the explanation. It is clear for me jcpassociates

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