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Playlist radio repeating same few artists

Playlist radio repeating same few artists

I know this subject has been posted before, and for all other platforms (Windows, Mac, Android, etc.), but it is still an issue and no postings mention anything about a fix.  I saw in one post that Spotify acknowledged the issue and agreed to look into it a couple of months ago, but nothing has been updated or fixed yet.


Anyway, the issue I'm reporting is when listening to playlist radio, the same few artists get repeated over and over, no matter whether I use the thumbs-down, thumbs-up, skip, or quit and restart the app.  Yes, I've also tried deleting and re-installing the app.  Anything the forums and/or tech support has suggested to try, I've tried.


Is there a fix on the horizon?  What's the status of this bug?  I love Spotify and will continue to use it, but this bug is very annoying and needs to be fixed.  Thanks in advance for your help.

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I only know as much as you know I'm afraid - and I don't know much about the radio feature as I rarely use it 🙂

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