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Playlists have disappeared and songs play only 1 min.

Playlists have disappeared and songs play only 1 min.


I have spotify premium but in my iPhone suddenly the playlists have disappeared, the all songs in starred as well and when I select a song, only plays during 1 min.
I have log out and log in, delete and download again the app, check in my computer if the premium account is on, but nothing works! This problem is only in the iphone, it works perfect on iPad or computer.

What else can I try?

Thank you
9 Replies

I have the exact same issue.  Please help!

I have the same issue since this morning and tried everything.

Maybe related to 4G which popped up; I now changed back to 3g wiithout any effect.

I actually get the same problem regardless of being connected to wifi or 4G

2 devices:

1. Iphone 6 - IOS 8.4
2. Ipad Air 2 - IOS 8.4

Location: The Netherlands
Login: oppositemarco in both devices

Issue occured after batteries were out and after recharging the Iphone I could not access the Spotify App on my Iphone.
After deleting the Spotify App, turn my Iphone off and on again, reinstalling the Spotify app I had access again to the Spotify app, however my playlists are no longer visible on my Iphone.
The only way to get to my playlists again is via 'recently played'.
However it is also not possible to set anymore to 'offline' for my own playlists (that I compiled myself), that are listed only under 'Recently played' since it will be put back again to the original online only. 

Spotify, could you please sort this out since I am going on holiday soon.

Can someone from Spotify help address this issue?  Having the premium service and not being able to use it defeats the purpose and has me thinking about cancelling entirely.

I totally agree wth you, as a premium user you expect a swift follow up from Spotify since more (and more) people are experiencing the same issue.

At the moment there only seem to be 1 option left (in absence of a solution from Spotify), that I dislike:

- setting up a new account with Spotify, and start over again with all your (my) playlists



Can someone from Spotify please take care of this?


Desktop: all playlists visible

Ipad: all playlists visisble

Iphone 6: no playlists visible (anymore).


Same login on all devices.


Could you please follow up on this asap?

Maybe you thought I wasn't serious about canceling my premium service, but I just did.  Let me know when this issue is resolved and I'll gladly subscribe again but for now it makes no sense keeping premium service if I can't use it on my phone.

I am the one who wrote this post. Yesterday after installing a new iOS update on the iphone, and tyrn the phobe off and on again, spotify worked again. I really can't understand because in my ipad I don't have updates installed and have always worked perfectly.

So, now is working and I really hope that keeps going.

I hope this can help anyone of you that has the same problem. Thank you guys!

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