Playlists not loading on all mobile devices


Playlists not loading on all mobile devices


This is a problem that I have had before, but it would usually somehow resolve itself. But for about a year  I have not been able to view my playlists normally or add songs to my playlists. When I open the playlists folder all of them say "loading...". And when I try to open them it tells me that the plalist is not available. The only way I can listen to a playlist is by either searching for it or by having it in my recently played tab. 

I have found out that when I apply filters to the playlists some of them become available. But not all of them.

The other problem is not being able to add songs to playlists. When I want to add a song to a playlist I have to do it from a computer because I don't have that problem with my computer. When I try adding a song to a playlist all of them still say "loading...". 

I have tried logging out and back in again and I have tried uninstalling the app and installing it again. Sadly, this did not change anything. I have tried logging in on my friends and family's phones and they weren't available on any other devices either. 

I have a samsung galaxy s3, but i dont think that this matters because it doesn't work on any mobile devices. 

I'd appreciate any help.


And this is what it looks like:Screenshot_2017-02-19-16-16-39.pngScreenshot_2017-02-19-16-15-37.png

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Re: Playlists not loading on all mobile devices


Hey @gjhslksf!


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That's odd. Could you check how much free space do you have available on your phone? Also, can you send us a screenshot of the storage information?


On the other hand, can you let us know what Spotify version you're currently using?


We'll be waiting.