Please consider and improve TV apps (Apple TV & Samsung TV): so buggy

Please consider and improve TV apps (Apple TV & Samsung TV): so buggy

Lately I migrated again from  Music to Spotify to give the app another shot. I am a huge fan of your social features and by our mobile app that is so snappy on iPhone.


My main concern is about your Apple TV and Samsung TV apps.

After given them a try, it appears that there are quite not easy to use:


On Apple TV:

1) To play a podcast gets really difficult. In most cases the podcast won't play at all 


2) When browsing within a music playlist, suddenly when selecting a song, it will start playing the song that is 4 or 5 row bellow. So if you want to play a specific song, you have to scroll up and guess which song will actually play the music you want (meaning that you have to clic on a different song to get the song you want to play). BTW I moved to the Samsung TV app because of that Apple TV bug, and boum had the same on Samsung TV.

3) Still no lyrics....


It feels like you don't consider the TV experience at all, which is a shame 😞

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Hi, @yoonnel,


Thanks for stopping by the Community!

Cool that you're still giving Spotify a shot and it looks like you have some valuable feedback regarding the TV apps 🙂 We appreciate your time and effort to make Spotify even better and to share this with us in the Community! To make the most use of your comments, we'd like you to know that we have a specialized board for such exchange of Ideas.  All suggestions can be submitted there and if approved, they could be voted for by other members of the forum and eventually to reach the attention of the right team of developers 😎


Tip: It's crucial to form all your idea submissions to be clear, concise and above all to make sure they contain no more than one change request per post. You'll find all the relevant info about our Idea Exchange and how the Community feedback gets implemented here if you'd like to know more about the topic.


Hope you find this useful. Keep us posted if you have any questions.

Kiril Moderator
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