Please fix your CarPlay app


Please fix your CarPlay app


Plan: Family Premium

Country: USA


Device: iPhone XS Max

Operating System: iOS 12


My Question or Issue:


The Spotify CarPlay app is horrible and nearly unuseable.

1) Half of the time it doesn't even load when I connect my phone. It'll just open to a blank screen.

2) Selecting an album in Recently Played will not open the album, but instead starts to play it from the beginning. This should NOT do this. It should open the album and let me pick what song to play.

3) Finding anything in my library is a hassle. Getting to something further down the list requires scrolling for far too long. Apple Music has letter shortcuts to jump to a specific letter in the list, please do something like this.

4) Choosing "Artists" or "Albums" inside my library often crashes. It'll try to load, then give me a "could not load" error and I'm then not able to open my artist list at all.

5) Please stop pushing your playlists and radio stations on me. I want to listen to my own library.


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Re: Please fix your CarPlay app

Casual Listener

Same here, about half of the time Spotify on CarPlay refuses to load properly, 2 example pics of what's going on.


Have to 'quit' Spotify within iOS (sometimes several times) before app will load correctly