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Please help me find the right Ipod

Please help me find the right Ipod

Please help me I want to transfer my playlist to an MP3 player to play off line ,I am a premium subscriber and as I understand it i can do this and just update once a month the same as my old Napster account.

So could someone please confirm this..... and tell me if the Ipod Touch is the right device? befor I waste any more money after buying a Ipod classic and finding that I can't use it.

 no tech speak please keep it simple as i am not very techy Man Embarassed


Thank you

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An iPod touch should work fine for you. You will be able to sync your playlists for offline listening (as many as can fit on your device, up to 3,333 tracks I believe).  If you aren't getting the newest version of the iPod touch, you will need to find out whether the one you are getting is compatible with Spotify, because I don't believe all of the older ones are supported.

Anything that can use iOS 4 or above can install Spotify. For iOS 4, be sure to install the special "Spotify for iOS4" app. Otherwise, just install plain ol' Spotify.


Not too sure what your iPod Touch can do? Wikipedia have you covered. 

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