Please undo the new update


Please undo the new update







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Buckle up friends this is going to be a dissertation but I promise you it's all relevant:

The new iOS update is not user-friendly in the slightest. You made the following functions obsolete:

1. Using the alphabetical bar at the side of the screen to find songs according to letter.

2. Searching music by artist. Period. No one wants to manually go through all of their music and find every single artist in order to follow them just so they can find their music according to artist in their own library. In fact, no one wants to follow artists in the first place. The fact that you made it impossible to find the artists of my own downloaded music proves that you are a music promotion app first and a music streaming app not even second, but maybe third or fourth. No one wants to have a music promotion on their phone unless they themselves are an artist.


I listened to a really great album the other day but I couldn't remember the name. Hmm, maybe it was already downloaded, let me just search it by artist - oh wait. I'm a normal human so I don't follow every artist I've ever listened to, so I can't find the artist in my own library even though I did download their music. Okay I remember the album started with a K let me just scroll down to the K section and - oh wait there's no more organization via the alphabet bar or whatever you call it. **bleep** me, I guess.


In addition to all of this, you don't have a helpline to call and contact. Contrary to how this message may come across, I actually was pretty calm when I first got this update because I foolishly assumed I could just call a Spotify representative and have a civil conversation with them over the phone and could have all my questions answered. Instead I was encouraged to send questions via Twitter and a community forum. I don't even know where to begin with that.


Lastly, when I voiced my concerns to the Spotify team, I was cheerfully assured that, contrary to the opinion of every Spotify user ever, the update actually makes navigation easier! Wow! How silly of me to ever have had an issue with it! How could I not see that taking away all useful functions makes an app easier to navigate?


I really am sorry to be this blunt. However, as you apparently discourage any contact other than that via the internet, I assume you welcome long, detailed messages such as these. 


TL;DR: I am begging you to undo the new update otherwise I know myself and innumerable others will be switching to Apple Music.


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Re: Please undo the new update


It is not just iOS. It is android and desktop too. They have been pushing out this UI since the start of the year. I used it for about a month, gave up, then went to apple. I noticed there are several different versions of this new UI out there aswell. For instance, my artist page only shows artist i need to follow and also has no information on my saved music from that artist. So its just a store page in the library. Others have to follow, but at least they see the saved music at the top of the store page. In any case, a store page has no place inside the library section of a music app. Should be in a browse or store section.

My liked playlist was also bugged so that liked songs would not go there. So the only place where my saved music showed was in the albums tabs. Took them 5 months to fix that.

I am so sick of hearing "They are making it easier and more streamlined to use", when in fact they just removed features and replaced them with nothing to make it harder to find anything.

Re: Please undo the new update


It's the dumbest thing I've ever seen. Not sure how they thought this was acceptable. 

Re: Please undo the new update


This just hit my Android phone this morning. I am flabbergasted at how someone could allow this bucket of awful to be an update. I wholeheartedly agree that "following" an artist is superfluous at best and colossally stupid at worst, and I shouldn't have to do it to organize my music. I came over from Microsoft's Groove Music and the biggest reason I chose this over Amazon Music was that I could directly port my music collection. This new update just kind of **bleep** all over that notion.