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Podcast Episode List Scroll Location Resetting to Top

Podcast Episode List Scroll Location Resetting to Top

Premium, US, iPhone 11 Pro Max, App, iOS 15.7

Spotify is not remembering where in the list of episodes I was scrolled to last. So every time I open the app, I have to scroll through hundreds of episodes to get to the one I was previously listening to.


I have tried completely deleting and reinstalling the app. Though this is Apple so who knows what that really does. Once reinstalled I didn’t even have to log in again so obviously it didn’t “delete all data” as it claims.


I have tried logging out and closing the app twice in a row.


I have tried a different podcast and the issue is NOT present. Seems to only happen to Armchair Expert.


I have a video showing the issue but it is 122MB and the attachment limit is 5.

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Just posting in October 2023 to say this has been a problem for me for a very long time. Selecting My Brother, My Brother and Me from my shortcut section at the top of the homepage will 100% of the time take me to the last episode I listened to, even if I don't listen for months. Ologies, on the other hand, I listen to twice a day every work day on my way to and from work and every single time I try to go to the episode list from the shortcuts section on the home page in the morning, I'm put back at Episode 0. Given that the podcast started in 2018 and I am listening to episodes from 2020, this is a **bleep** of a scroll, literally a hundred+ episodes, just to get back to where I was when I last listened to the podcast 15 hours before. If it was consistently taking me to episode 0/1, I would at least be able to take the hint and find another streaming service to listen to podcasts on, but it's like 50/50, as others here have said, which is just good enough to keep me coming back. 

Hi, just wondering if anyone has any updates or solutions regarding this issue? 
I have been experiencing the same problem with the list scroll location resetting to the top every time I select a podcast. 

I am too, I got a new phone (Samsung Ultra 23, Spotify version . My podcast has episodes that go back to 2015 and it's a slog to get to episode 200, out of the 700 that are there. Is there a fix, or do I just need to go to Wondery? 

Hi Novy,


I am facing the same issue and please find below the relevant details you requested.

Location where issue faced:

  • From main home screen
  • From "Your library"

Device's make and model:

  • Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra


  • Android 14

Spotify Version



Let me know if you need any other details.


Thanks in advance.


2024 and this is still an issue! I'm on a Pixel 8, and listening to the Last Podcast on the Left. It has over 500 episodes. Every time I open the podcast - using search or icon, it displays the latest one at the top. I have to spends ages scrolling through hundreds of episodes to find out where I am. P.s. I'm at the middle, so sorting by latest or newest isn't a solution. Can there please be a fix for this!

I tried explaining this issue to two different Spotify representatives via chat and it proved to be completely useless. 
They said it was expected behavior and that I had to use the filters 'sort by most recent' and 'unplayed only'. 

I then tried explaining that previously Spotify would remember the list position, whether you used filters or not, and how the filters aren't a valid solution because: 
- Sometimes people end an episode early (usually due to ads) which means they don't get marked as 'played'
- Sometimes people fall asleep with a podcast playing, which means they want to go back to an episode marked as 'played', which requires changing the filters again and scrolling through a long list again to find it again 

But I was continually told to "set your filters to 'oldest first' and 'unplayed', and then send me a screenshot so I can see the result". 
Again, I understand how the filters work, but it's not a valid solution to this problem. We're all talking about functionality that used to exist that got broken at some point. 

In the meantime, I've tried to find a different podcast app that remembers the list position like Spotify used to but haven't had much success with that either. If anyone has any suggestions, I'd love to know. Because Spotify's current state makes it extremely tedious to play certain podcasts. 

I'm a little surprised this issue isn't being discussed more given how many people listen to podcasts. 

Also having this annoying problem with no ability to save position of last played episode. Spotify unfortunatelly has one of the worst usability around podcasts on market, cause it treats them as music albums. And the podcast usage patterns are different. 

I'm using the Spotify app on Windows 11. Whenever I browse a list of episodes i a podcast, and I scroll down many lines, after a few seconds the list "jumps" upward again, so I'll have to scroll down again. Example: I listen to a podcast episode from long ago - therefore the episode i far down on the list, suddenly the view jumps back 10-20 episodes. Very annoying.

Hey folks, 


Thanks for all your replies. 


@CazeGibson, would you mind sending us the info @Lyubka mentioned here? You can send us the following:

  • Make/model and OS of the affected device.
  • Exact Spotify version you're running there.
  • A video recording of this behavior. You can attach the video in your next reply in mp4 format, or you can also upload it to YouTube or Google Drive and make it public, so we can visualize it. 

We'll be on the lookout!

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Operating System

Windows 11


My Issue

Whenever I am scrolling through a list of podcast episodes with hundreds of episodes, the scroll bar/focus jumps to a different spot randomly on its own and often shows fewer episodes than I had previously scrolled up to. This happens with both Newest to Oldest and Oldest to Newest sorting.




The Netherlands


Acer Nitro

Operating System

Windows 11 Home


My Question or Issue

When scrolling down multiple "pages" of a specific podcasts episode list and hitting play on an episode the page will jump back up a "page" (about 10 episodes) and stop there with no episodes loaded below. In order to get back to where I was in the episode list I have to scroll again to trigger the loading of more episodes. It continuously happens.


If I have the podcast paused, then scroll down to the episode I have paused, nothing happens. As soon as I press play, the page jumps up again and unloads the episodes below.

Hey there folks,

This should now be fixed! Make sure to update your app to ensure that you're running the latest version, it should be 8.9.26.

Cheers 🙂

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