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[Podcast] randomly jumps to the next episode while in the middle of a podcast

[Podcast] randomly jumps to the next episode while in the middle of a podcast







iPhone 7

Operating System

iOS 10


I will be in the middle of an episode of a podcast and suddenly the beginning of the next episode will play and I have to return to the previous episode


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Happens at the ad breaks. It will do an ad break and not continue the episode after but skip to the next or a different episode. I play from the show page no playlist or que ever. As for device info look back I've posted all this

Hey @Ihatethis27,


Thanks for the quick reply.

We've passed this on to the team working on this issue.


We'll keep you up to date with any development.

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Hi Alex, I have some more information that hopefully will help you reproduce this. Because I don't have an unlimited data plan on my cell phone, I download all the episodes I want to play to my cell phone. Then later I am playing the episodes that have been downloaded. I play them in 2 ways.

1. I go to "Your Library" and click "Downloaded" and then "Your episodes" and select an episode from my list of downloaded episodes to play.

2. I go to Home, then under "Your Shows" I touch the name of the podcast, and play one of the downloaded episodes from there. 

So far this has only happened when playing the episode from the beginning, however I haven't tested moving the slider. 

Can you recommend a free cell phone recording app (for Android) that I can use to create the recording you are asking for? 

Hey @inkystay,


Thanks for the update!
Any screen recorder app would do, although please note that in general they may not record in-app audio for some Android phones.
Let us know if any issues arise 🙂

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This is an issue that occurs randomly. You can’t just predict when it’s going to happen. Use your brain and help those of us that have been having this asinine issue for years. 

I've been having this issue for the past year or so, and finally decided to post about it. This is a real issue that many users are having. I'll be watching an episode and, without warning, it skips to the next unwatched episode.


I haven't noticed any real patterns when this happens. Sometimes it's early in the episode, sometimes in the middle, sometimes near the end, and sometimes it even happens multiple times per episode. It's happened to me twice tonight, both times while watching The Joe Rogan Experience episodes #1859 and #1858. In #1858 it happened some time before the 1 hour mark (I'd guess ~40m).


You'll see in the screenshot below that it shows I started watching #1857, because it skipped to it while watching the #1858, but I've never played #1857.


EDIT: I should also note that this is happening on Windows 10 on build I've also seen reports of it happening on other platforms (mobile, desktop, mac, ios)

Hi there @ktross,


Thanks for reaching out about this in the Community.


The right folks at Spotify are still investigating why this is happening to some users. We've passed your info on to the team working on this.


We'll let you know here as soon as we have more information.



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You guys are lucky in that it skips to the next episode. Mine all of a sudden skips to a random episode and I have no way of finding my way back (no I don't have shuffle on...) Paying for premium, I wouldn't want to call it premium though.

Alex and Vasil what troubleshooting steps have you taken to try and recreate this? I was listening to this podcast last night and every two hours on the dot it would switch to a new episode and wake me up. Please listen to that from your iPhone through a Google home speaker for at least two hours to recreate the issue. 

we’ll be standing by

Spotify, stop telling us your looking into the issue.  You are clearly not.  And don't tell me no one that works for the company isn't having this issue as well.  If you can't solve, or replicate this issue, you need new programmers.

Hey folks,


Thanks for your replies.


We've gone ahead and passed your reports to the right team and they're currently looking into this. However, we can't commit to a specific timeline for this inconvenience to be fixed.

For now, we'd suggest keeping your app up to date, so you don't miss out on any developments.


We'll be here if anything else comes up.

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I’m having the same issues, quite frustrating since I’m listening to 12 hour sleep tracks of white noise to help my baby sleep and it’s abruptly changing podcasts in the middle or stopping them entirely. An actual solution would be great.

Like everyone else, I've also been having this issue. It is very annoying because I'll be listening to JRE while driving usually and then it randomly skips the episode. And I have to shift my attention to my phone to fix it to continue listening to the episode. I wish JRE never signed to this stupid app. 

Holy cow! Can the support be more unhelpful?

This Problem happens to alot of people, on whatever device on whatever podcast.

I also believe its an ad related issue.

Imagine paying for a monthly subscription for an ad-free experience to still get ads and get playback issue because of those ads.

Just because you can't recreate the issue or not enough people complain about the issue doesnt mean the issue isn't serious.


Im paying 10$ for "Spotify Premium" but ill happily pay 12$ for "Spotify Premium AD-free".



I also wanted to write a reply as this has been happening to me for months even after following the trouble shooting tasks. I pay for Spotify premium I should be able to listen to the podcasts without this issue occurring EVERY time. Same as others- I play white noise podcasts (10 hours) for my baby to sleep and have been woken up by the podcast skipping to another unrelated saved podcast. It’s so so frustrating and no solutions have been offered whatsoever. Tried the “troubleshooting” steps but they obviously don’t work. Ugh please fix this bug. 

It seems to happen with longer podcasts. Just play a long podcast (a few hours) in its entirety and by the 2nd hour the podcast will skip. 

Hi, just wanted to add that this has been happening to me too. Makes me unable to listen to the last part of some podcast episodes. Sad to see this hasen’t been resolved since 2019… I work in tech support and don’t understand how it’s possible that this hasen’t been looked into when multiple people are experiencing it.

Like as soon as i start my podcast episode it instantly skips to the next one and then it keep going foward
i tried a different podcast but it did the same thing 

Podcasts are skipped when an ad has trouble playing. Just recently started happening. Never had this issue before

This is an issue to me as well. Every few podcats episodes I watch skips to the next one when there's still several minutes left. I can't do any of these "solutions" because I use the web player (which just has a sucky user experience in general, but my work won't let me download the desktop app, so whatever).

I cannot understand how you are "having difficulties replicating the problem". Simply put Spotify in continuous play on a single phone for a couple of days, with a couple of listeners and it will kick in. It's impossible that Spotify cannot replicate a problem that thousands of users, over various forums, have been reporting for many years.

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