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[Podcast] randomly jumps to the next episode while in the middle of a podcast

[Podcast] randomly jumps to the next episode while in the middle of a podcast







iPhone 7

Operating System

iOS 10


I will be in the middle of an episode of a podcast and suddenly the beginning of the next episode will play and I have to return to the previous episode


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This has been happening to me for a couple of days now - just started out of the blue.  It makes it impossible to listen to podcasts.  I'll be partway through an episode, then it will jump to another episode, then in the middle of that one it jumps to yet another one.  I just upgraded to a new phone today and it is still doing it, so it is not the phone.  I can't believe people have been reporting this for years in this thread and there isn't a solution?  What's up?

All the Spotify people say “ tell us the trouble shooting that you have tried so we don’t repeat it” what’s the big deal with repeating a few steps! ?  Why don’t you go out on a limb and give us a few things to try?? 


frustrated customer 

I have had a very similar problem when listening to podcasts on Spotify. When it happens to me, the original episode doesn't mark itself as completed, Spotify just starts playing another episode. Sometimes it's another episode of the same show other times is a completely different show. 



The device I am using is:

OnePlus 6t

Os: OxygenOs

Running on Android 11

Spotify version:

Spotify premium member 


Attached is a link to a screen recording of the issue happening. The issue happens at 11:20 of the video.

Video link 


The initial episode I was listening to was: The Joe Rogan Experience #1997- Cameron Hanes. 


The episode it changed to was: The Joe Rogan Experience #1998- Ali Siddiq.


Just to reiterate, the episode changed with no input from me. 


Same issue its annoying when concentrating and it skips in the middle of a podcast to a random not even the next.

Have the issue on Mac and iPhone.
And you cannot fix it since 2019? Comon seriously?

I’ve been having this issue when listening to the joe Rogan podcast as well and it’s very annoying.  There is no way to take a video because it happens at random.  It just happened to me again, I was listening to the newest Jim Breuer jre episode #2084 and less than an hour into the podcast it started playing a Duncan Trussell episode #2000.  While searching on the app for a way to contact Spotify (which doesn’t exist by the way) I also found that my subscription says free… I get charged $7.99 a month for Spotify…. So is it free or not and if it’s not then what am I paying for?  Seems to me like I’m paying for a glitchy app full of ads with zero way to contact anyone.  Can you clarify some of this.

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