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Podcasts aren't downloading?

Podcasts aren't downloading?






(iPhone 11)

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(iOS 10)


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Podcasts are no longer downloading. I click on the download button and it's briefly added to my 'episodes', but the episodes button and download button reset and never actually begin downloading.


I've tried fully resetting Spotify (Clearing cache, offloading and deleting the app), I've also tried resetting my phone, but neither have helped.

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Hi there @Lucarious30,


Thank you for reaching out to the Community and for the troubleshooting you've done so far!


Can you confirm that you followed the steps that's provided in this article? There's some more steps to help thoroughly uninstall the app from your device, so if you haven't, we'd highly suggest it since the steps will make sure there's no old cache files causing this.


If you did and the issue persists we recommend that you try with a different internet connection to see if there's any changes in the behavior.


We'll keep an eye out for your reply.


Take care!

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Mark as unplayed , then it should be able to be Downloaded. I have the same issue 

Same problem. Happens every few weeks, then finally starts downloading again after a few days. I have also done everything @Lucarious30 has done and it doesn't help. Only thing you can do is wait, and wait, and wait, then finally it will start again. You would think a MULTI-BILLION DOLLAR COMPANY would have a customer support number. But then you would only talk to a machine so its lose lose

I'll reiterate Drewwlong's point. Why the **bleep** do I need to delete and redownload this app every month just to get it to work. We can see your financials. We know what your making and how little your paying out artists. At the very least, can't you invest some of your profit gouges into making a functional app. Never thought I'd get to the point of seriously considering switching to Apple Music. This app is a garbage and crashes all the time now.

Lately, when I try to download No Such Thing as a Fish or My Dad Wrote a Porno, it hangs or gives an error message. I can't listen to them on mobile, even on wifi, but I can listen on my desktop app.

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