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Podcasts offline?

Podcasts offline?

Hello everyone, I am using a premium account but could not find such an option - I was trying to save a podcast for offline hearing on my ipod (I followed the podcast on the Windows desktop client and wanted to also access it on the iPod, but there is literally no way to save a podcast for offline hearing like you do with the music, although it is specified here in the documentation that you can "save" a podcast for offline use:


  • Save podcasts offline for when you don’t have an internet connection."

I culd not locate the option to save a podcast - nor could I reach my list of saved podcasts on the iPod client, for that matter. 


Any input appreciated. Best regards,


1 Reply

Hi andreimcristof and welcome to the community! 🙂
Sorry to say, the reason your ipod may not give you the option to download a podcast is because it is not listed as a supported device in the article you linked to.
Ipad is listed as not supported at this time, so I am assuming this is likely the case with ipod too.

On another note, downloading a podcast on a particular device doesn't automatically make it accessible on another one. Each device has to download songs and podcasts separately to their own internal storage. As long as your ipod has a data connection, you should be able to see the podcast you followed and stream it, but unfortunately, will not be able to download for offline play. =/

All the best! 🙂 - Bethany


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