Pop-Up Suggestions in premium account

Pop-Up Suggestions in premium account


Keep getting a banner pop-up suggestion for a podcast called "Reply-All". Ive closed the pop-up and even clicked it once hoping that would get rid of it. It shows as a banner within the app. I have all notifications disabled in the app and in my phone. I pay for premium, i should not have pop-ups, especially not the same one over and over.







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Getting repeat promotional ad despite paying for premium

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Hey @BrindleSound.


I'm sorry to hear that, that's definitely not what your Spotify Premium experience should be like.

You said you've already disabled notifications in the app and on your phone, could you visit your Account settings and tell me if all notifications are disabled there as well?

If so, I would recommend you to re-install your Spotify app on your phone. It might be a bug that can be fixed by uninstalling/reinstalling. All instructions on doing a clean re-install can be found here.


Let me know how it goes.



Deleted. Updated. Still appears at times. Only seems to appear during MaxFun Podcasts. Reply All is not a maxfun podcast. Google search first result while using a VPN is a Spotify link. I’m fine with having a recommended list but having Spotify push things on me outside of dedicated areas is not ok. To me that breaches my premium membership. 



I have the same problem with my work iPad.  Pay for premium,  have the same pop up suggested Playlists.  It's extremely annoying.  Nothing has helped,   all notifications are off except for emails. 


Hey @BrindleSound 


A similar idea has also been suggested here:


Please vote for it, and add a comment there, so it may be considered. 🙂

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