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Premium but not yet free

Premium but not yet free

I've had Spotify for a really long time. Now this is the first time I wasn't able to pay on time and my account got paused of course.... I've tried everything and everything still says free... I've checked for other accounts/deleted and reinstalled but nothing seems to work. I checked my bank account and my iTunes to see if I really paid and I did.... It even says the renewal will be July 24th. If this happens every time I won't be able to pay on time I might as well find something better right now. Any help would be nice
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Hey there!

Have you checked with iTunes? If the payment's been taken through them and it's not reflecting on your Spotify account, they could check on this on their end since they're sort of the middlemen 😁

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(I believe this is the issue, I think the intro offer has been going on since then.)


The reason why you can't buy Spotify Premium with iTunes money / through App Store is because there is an Intro Offer, in this case it's the 3 months for 0.99.


Spotify tweeted about this:


"During our Intro Offer, in-app purchases are not available. Get started with Premium at"

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