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Premium member - iphone no longer syncing tracks for offline play since upgrading playback quality

Premium member - iphone no longer syncing tracks for offline play since upgrading playback quality

Ever since upgrading my playback quality to 'extreme' for offline play, I can no longer sync any tracks for offline play on my phone. The desktop application still works fine.


Also, if I add any tracks to pre-existing playlists (before I upgraded the music quality), the new tracks dont syn, but the old tracks stay syned.


I'm paying £10 a month, and don't expect this to happen. Can someone please help me fix this?

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Hey! Welcome to the community 🙂 


As a first step, I would suggest you try following all of the steps outlined in the iOS troubleshooting guide to see if it can get you back up and running again. You will however need to resync all of your offline content again. 


If your tracks appear to sync incredibly slowly, but they do still sync then you might be experiencing a known bug which is detailed here.



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Thanks for your help Hammeh.


I did want to try and avoid having to delete the app and reinstall, but have done so anyway. It is re-syncing all my tracks, so all should be fine. But I don't like the thought that every time I change the quality of playback, I will have to do the same thing. Especially for a service I am paying £120 a year for.


If any of the moderators are aware of this issue, or have heard / seen similar complaints, I would still appreciate a response other than 'turn it on and off again', especially I then have to go in and manually select all my playlists to be available offline again.



Updated: the problem has not been fixed by reinstalling the app. Upon syncing all my playlists, the process stopped after syncing around 100 songs. I could not get the process to start again, except by going into a playlist, flicking the tab from available offline from on to off, at which point, for some reason, it would starting syncing all the playlists again.


This is really starting to annoy me. I am paying for this service, and have had no response to my original problem yet. Can one of the admins or mods please respond and acknolwedge the issue? I can then give any information you need.



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