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Premium on Macbook but free account Iphone

Premium on Macbook but free account Iphone

I have premium (family account) and it works on both my Iphone and Macbook. I tried adding 2 of my family members and it works on their laptop but it says they have a free account on their iphone. We tried deleting the app on their phone and sending new invites but nothing works... I'm confused now as to why it only works on their computer but not on their phone. 

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Are you sure they have premium on there laptops? The reson I'm asking is that you can play any track on the computer and tablets even if you are a free users. To make sure they have premium you need to go to settings and see if it says premium next to their avatar.

Thanks for your reply, so I had a look at their accounts and both of them are registered with a family premium plan. And in my account it says they've accepted the invite and are now part of my family premium plan. That's why I'm so confused by this!

It could be that they have more than one account. Best thing is to mail and give them the mail addresses they use when the login. I have seen people that have had two accounts with the same email address. One was linked to there facebook and one was not. If they have two accounts they can remove one of the accounts and that should solve it.

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