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Premium subscription won't work on iphone 4!

Premium subscription won't work on iphone 4!

I have subscribed to spotify and while I can use it on my computer ( a pc) whenever I log into spotify on my iphone 4 with ios6 I am given the message that only premium users can play songs on demand. I AM a premium user! I am logging in correctly, I have re installed the app and updated it, I have tried logging in and out of the app multiple times and every other silly piece of advice on your forums. It will not work! This is a problem on your end and I want to know what you are doing to fix it. I would also like a refund of my money and my service cancelled since I cannot even use this thing I paid for.

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Sorry to hear you are having issues. Try logging out and back in again a few times, sometimes it just takes the system to have a little push to refresh your details. 

If you are still having issues, or want to discuss a refund then I would suggest you drop the customer services team a message using the online contact form.



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As stated above I have logged in an out using both my spotify and facebook credentials. This is not me, this is spotify

I am having the same exact problem and they already charged me for this month so I either want my music or my money back either one is koo with me....

Im having the same problem. I only subscribed and setup my paypal details just tohave it on my iphone 4s but it wont cop on that I'm a premium customer 😞

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