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Premium trial ended?


Premium trial ended?

Hi, It says "Premium trial ended." at the top of the screen on my iPad despite the fact I am now a premium subscriber? Odd?
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"did you try to turn it off and on again?". Yes, indeed i did. Login/logout, too. Reinstall seems to fix it for android. With the ipod? I am on offline mode but the message remains. Will check if offlinr mode works for more than 1 day in trial mode... Will check l8r for further options. Message remains even though login/out both using fb and spotify credentials. Thx for checking

I'm having the same problem here. I'm a paid subscriber however I also see this annoying message on top of iPhone screen. Also, I can't seem to find a few artists that I could before such as the Brazilian band "Los Hermanos". I tried logging out and back in a few times already, tried to sync with the app for the Mac, logging off from the website and any  of these seem to work. I really don't want to unsubscribe since I use Spotify very often but I also don't want to pay for a service that doesn't really work...

Opty - How's that working for you today on your iPod? Exactly which model are you using?


Rafael - Hm, I can confirm you're on our paid subscription as well. Can you let me know your iPhone model/ Spotify app version?

Hi, I'm still getting this error after logging out and back in, and rebooting my device, both on my iphone and ipad.

@meredith. functionaltiy seems(!) all right. problem is not device related. same issue on ipt3g and ipad2 both on ios 5.1.1. samsung galaxy s2 running ics seems to work. still having the premium trial ended on the ios devices. solutions to this would be appreciated.  desktop clients on linux and mac are ok. is there any workaround to this or explanation what the issue might be? also, i don't think this should be dropped into a community forum but a dedicated ticket system so I may see what measures are being taken. i hope this information above helps to narrow the issue.

Mine has done the same now. Looked at my recipets they have taken the money but want let me on? Mmmmm

iPhone 4S 64gb and the latest spotify software version. The message only appeared after the last update.

It's so odd, I only started experiencing this problem on my iPhone and iPad last night.

I was just trying to sync my songs for offline enjoyment. 


I'm using the latest version of Spotify on all devices.

Tried logging out and logging back in.


My Mac's fine though.

Yeh Ive logged out and that. Tried turning off my phone and iPad and still says the same on both ๐Ÿ˜• bizarre

Just a hunch. Do all of use use 2 ios devices both running spotify? Are all of us on latest version AND did the problem appear with latest version? How long did you have premium? Did you register via fb? I use ipod and ipad latest versuon. Prob appeared on the day of m first post. Both devices are affected. I had premium for one month and paied for full year. Just want to find a pattern. Hate bugging you with it.



i) Now that you mentioned it, I was listening to music on Spotify (Mac) and opened the Spotify apps on my iPhone and iPad to begin syncing.

ii) I'm still in my first month of premium

iii) Unfortunately, yes I did register via Facebook


Didn't know you could pay for a full year. I'll have a dig around my Account settings.


Edit: Just noticed, Spotify is no longer posting on Facebook what songs I'm listening to (but still enabled in Settings)

Spotify still posts on Facebook when I subscribe or update one of my playlists though! =/



I have recently started getting this error on my iPhone 4 and iPad 3 as well. I am a full premium paying member. No longer under trial, think I'm in my 3rd paying month. Very annoying message. I seem to be receiving all features for the current time but I am worried that it will result in a problem sooner or later. 


Does deleting and reinstalling the apps fix it? I am worried about doing that as I have 3,333 songs synced for offline use and I assume if I delete the app it will delete my songs? Dont want totp lose them as offline syncing took forever!! Spotify needsIto look into fixing that, my net connection is plenty fast enough.



I've got the same message now. On my Pc everything is fine, but on iPhone 4 the message "trial ended" still appears ๐Ÿ˜ž

Hey everyone - So I can confirm you're all on active Premium subscriptions--not the trial. This should just be a cosmetic error though and not effect your Premium service.


However I understand it's a nuisance. I'm letting the right dept know this is still happening for you. If you stop receving your service on you rmoble please give me a shout right here.


@DeanGove  - You mentioned it wouldn't let you on. Are you able to sign into the applications with your Facebook email/ password.


@Laughinman1 โ€“ I can see youโ€™ve got 3 devices linked to your account but they are all iPhones. What we can do is clear those devices. You can then start over and add your iPad too.


Youโ€™ll need to resync any offline playlists though. How does that sound?


Yeh let's me on that way. Don't worjus don't mind if it's cosmetic wont really bother me. Just thought it would end my subcrpiton. Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚ 

Same issue here. All premium functions are working fine but have the constant "Spotify Premium trial ended" message at the top of the iPhone app.

Heads up, same problem on iOS app. Understand it's just cosmetic. Just letting you know it's happening.

DazStep - Which app version is currently installed? Please post that here--if you can include a screenshot of your app 'Settings' page that would be excellent. 

I am having a similar issue as mentioned above. 

My iPod touch constantly has a message saying Spotify Premium trial has ended yet I pay for a premium account.

I have got exactly the same Problem as reinki. Its annoying

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