Premium trial ended?


Premium trial ended?

Hi, It says "Premium trial ended." at the top of the screen on my iPad despite the fact I am now a premium subscriber? Odd?
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<blushes> Glad it works for you - enjoy the music 🙂

I have a premium account, which I normally use through Squeezebox. However, I have just installed the iPad app and while it works OK, it tells me I am on a 48 hour trial. Surely I should be able to use my premium account on the iPad?

Hi there @Johnbax! Welcome to the Spotify Community!

Have you tried logging out of the app and tried logging in with your Spotify Premium credentials?
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I'm subscribed to a Premium account but my iphone is showing a "trial ended" message and I can't stream anything.

I've tried restarting my iphone, installing the app again and logging out off my account. Nothing works.




Hi Elad. Just follow the steps in this post to get your Premium back.

Hi Joe,


Thanks, but I've tried all those steps already, still doesn't work...


Sorry, I gave you the wrong link 😞  Use the online contact form and someone at Spotify will help get this sorted. If you get an automated reply, make sure to reply to it directly (even though it says not to) to speed things along.

Am i still on the trial? I clicked on the 30-day trial after the two-day trial finished, not sure if it worked.

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