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Premium won't work on my work iPad

Premium won't work on my work iPad

Account works on all other devices except for the one I need it for. I have reset the device reinstalled tried other accounts and other devices still no luck.
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Same for me, I contacted support and they told me do these but it didn't work out. I even restored my iPad but it didn't worked.


1. Uninistall the app from your iOS device

2. Restart your iOS device

3. Install the spotify app

4. sign in and out two times in the row



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Have you tried, removing the app, completely restarting your device and then installing and logging in again?



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Yes will try again. Thanks for the suggestions.

Hey hi, 


I just payed for spotifypermium, and reinstalled it on my ipad2. My songs are save but, I Still cannot play my playlist. I still get a prompt "premium  trial is ended. Radio free"  any suggestion how I can fix this?

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