Prevent songs from appearing in Wrapped


Prevent songs from appearing in Wrapped







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I’m trying to find out if there’s a way to prevent particular songs, playlists or listening sessions from being included in the Wrapped stats at the end of the year.


The reason why I’m asking is because I use Spotify for general listening all the time, however I’d also like to use it for listening to music when running (instead of using a different service). However, the music I find good for running is totally different to the kind of music I normally like. Basically, I really don’t want my Top Songs of 2020 to be full of dubstep purely because that’s what I have on the running playlist I listening to a few times a week. I’ve had a look through the other threads, and at some

point there’s a suggestion that turning on a Private Session prevents this but later this is refuted.


If there is not a feature for this already, I’m sure it’s something lots of people would be interested in, whether for running playlists/sleeping playlists/music for their kids.


Hope you can help!

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Hey there @jhlloyd,


Thank you for your post and welcome to the Community! We're happy to shed some light on the situation.


Right now it's not possible to excluding artists & playlists from Spotify Wrapped, but we're constantly aiming to improve our features so we hope you’ll continue using it and find it gets better in the future. 


The best way to provide your feedback for new features such as this one is the Idea Exchange and there's already a relevant idea for what you're suggesting here. You can leave a +VOTE and subscribe to the thread for any updates.


If you have any questions we're always one reply away 🙂



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