Problems downloading playlists


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Can I download my playlist on a UBS? Or DISK?

Re: Problems downloading playlists

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Sounds like my problem. I have a significant amount of offline tracks and playlists that are no longer playable in my iPhone 5s. I don't play them on any other device or computer. What gives? I even tried searching for one of the song to see if it'll play while in the search field (instead of playing through my playlist) and it still doesn't work. I've been a prime member for a few years now and this has never happened before. Hoping someone can help.

Re: Problems downloading playlists

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Spotify doesn't allow songs to be stored in any media forms unless you're using their Spotify applications on the individual platforms.

You can't just copy out songs from the service to any thumbdrive or what.. The songs are licensed and it is locked in the service.
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