Problems syncing local files to phone

Problems syncing local files to phone


Hi, I’ve recently changed over phones and none of my local files that I had were transferred when I did phone changeover — they were greyed out when I tried to play them. 


I opened laptop I have the files on and opened Spotify. The files will play through the desktop Spotify app but not on my phone. When I either press “play song on my device” (the phone) or try to play directly through phone all I get in the unable to play message and instructions to mark for offline and “they will magically appear”. They don’t. 


I have tried myriad trial and error methods: deleting playlist of local files and re-adding them, pressing to make playlist offline then not on both phone and laptop. To no avail. The songs won’t play. Some of the songs show highlighted and with green downloaded tick but when I press them nothing happens. 


I’m incredibly frustrated. And I’m not happy there isn’t a phone number for technical support for premium users. I’ve tried everything. I even tried to “remove all devices” to start again but nothing happened when I pressed the button. 


I have many songs which aren’t available on Spotify that I love and which I need all in one place as they were before, on one app, before changing phones. I only have premium to utilise this function. I’m thinking of cancelling subscription and going over to iTunes service instead. I don’t feel valued as a customer — not being able to get proactive service via the phone where I could go through it step by step. 


Can anyone help, please? 

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It may be some kind of syncing problem which I tried before.


Please make sure the songs import into Spotify: 

1. Not protected by DRM

2.In supported format (



1.Make sure your computer and mobile devices (iPhone) in the same WiFi network.

2.Remove the playlist which you find the problem

3.Remove and re-add the "Local Sources" - Make sure all songs synced.

3.1 You may need to reopen Spotify (MAC/PC) [in case if you added too many songs] [Recommend to do]

4.Make sure all the songs which added can be played in Spotify (Mac/PC)

5.Make whole new playlists (Recommend using different name such as "Music" rather than "Local Files KEEP" from preventing sync error)

6.On Mac/PC, check all the songs in playlist whether they can be played or not.

7.Download playlist on your devices(iPhone)


Please let me know if these work. / Mark as solved


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