Problems with iPhone and BMW Connected Drive


Problems with iPhone and BMW Connected Drive

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I have a 2016 BMW 340 with BMW Connected Drive.  Connected Drive is the predecessor of Apple CarPlay.  It was an app designed by BMW to allow connectivity to a select group of applications on your phone.  I am having the same connectivity issues with BMW Connected Drive and the Spotify iPhone app as other users, but I wanted to add more details that may help.  


It seems there was a Spotify update within the last couple of weeks.  The connection to BMW was already buggy, but it is worse within the last couple of weeks.  I feared that the infotainment software in my 2016 BMW was out of date, so I took it to the dealer and there was an update available.  It took about 4 hours for BMW to update the software to the latest version.  This, however, did not fix any of my Spotify issues.  I use many other apps and they all work flawlessly:  Audible, Amazon Music, Pandora (don’t use it, but it does work), and iPhone Apple Music.  


Spotify takes 10-15 seconds to recognize the phone.  Then I sporadically experience the following problems:

1.  Refuses to show data of playing soundtrack or refuses to play at all.

2. When it does play, I must access the Spotify menu twice to get it to populate.  I need to exit the playing sound track to the Spotify menu screen, then repeat the procedure.

3.  Even after accessing the menu screen twice, the menu is now limited to only two choices.  The HOME screen menu option is missing.  I believe the second option is the Browse or Search menu option, also missing.  I can only access my Library items currently downloaded to the phone.


Since all the other apps work and the BMW software has been updated, I am left to believe this is a Spotify issue.  Like many others, I spend more time in my car than anywhere else.  I would love to be able to use my subscription.  









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(IOS 13.3)


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I have the same issue in my 2021 BMW M340i. Someone in Spotify please address this very annoying issue.

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To anyone interested... I no longer try to use the BMW Connected Apps feature. I simply use Bluetooth. Of course this means I need to touch the phone for controls. In many states, there are now laws against this. On a 2021, you should have Airplay. I do not. BMW charges for Airplay, but it should be included for at least the first year. Cheers!


I have been experiencing this same issue on my BMW X3. It started two updates ago and had been infuriating. I have reinstalled the Spotify app on my IPod two or three times. It was working fine prior to two updates ago.

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I have found a solution.  Restarting the Spotify app did not help and I had the software on the BMW recently upgraded to the latest version.  So, I came to the conclusion that this was a problem with the Spotify app.  So, I decided to test my theory.  I checked the list of music apps supported by BMW Connected Drive.  They include: Spotify, Pandora, and Amazon Music.  Oddly enough, Apple Music wasn’t listed.


Amazon is currently the leader in home automation and I have a Prime account.  So, I subscribed to Amazon Music and added a few playlists.  It takes about 10 seconds for BMW to recognize the app, just list Spotify.  After that, it appears to be a flawless integration.  You cannot search genres through Connected Drive, like you once could with Spotify, but that is a small price to pay.  The music quality appears to be slightly better.   Response times are reduced and playlists can be viewed much more easily.  Since Amazon doesn’t hosts Podcasts, I downloaded Stitcher, another Connected Drive-supported app.  That too works flawlessly.  


So, I will be leaving Spotify.  Amazon Music, now works in my car, on my TV, and any Alexa speaker in the home.  I also have Audible, another Amazon company.  That too works very well.  Very happy now.




I too have Amazon. I’m using Amazon music right now as well. It is
working perfect on my USB connection.

Spotify not addressing this issue is a problem. My software on the Idrive
is up to date as well. It was working two updates ago. And I think it is
now an issue on most cars. Not just one manufacturer.