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Purchased but not downloaded - Premium upgrade

Purchased but not downloaded - Premium upgrade

I tried buying the premium upgrade on my iPhone, the first time I clicked on "get premium" I accidentally canceled the app store confirmation thing. So I clicked on "get premium" again and it said something like "already purchased but not downloaded" and the "get premium" button disappeared! But they didn't get any money from my app store account. I already logged off and in, deleted and downloaded the app again, made a new account just to see if it was happening only in my account, checked my email and checked downloads on itunes. I have no idea what's happening, so if anyone can help me with this one I'll be forever thankful.
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Is the issue you're having that you purchased Premium but it hasn't registered on your device? You can check the status of your account by logging into and selecting "Overview" to view your subscription status.

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