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Put the Alphabet Quick Scroll Filter on the right BACK ON!!!

Put the Alphabet Quick Scroll Filter on the right BACK ON!!!

After the Update, there were changes. I noticed that all my "Liked Songs" in my Library were grouped into a folder. Fine, cool, whatever! That sucks as it is another motion versus going to your Library and having your "Liked Songs" in your Library ONLY. The Biggest DOWNFALL and ISSUE is that the EFFN Alphabet Letters Quick Scroll of the Artist Name or Song on the RIGHT SIDE has been removed! Unacceptable!!! Put the Liked Songs folder back as it was with only your liked songs, put back the Alphabet Letters quick scroll on the right side back on, and the filter drop down box to accommodate the Alphabet Letters quick scroll!!! I pay to have a USER FRIENDLY music app and since the last few updates, it is not user friendly but more clutter. I don't want to spell out the name of Artist or Song so put that back on!!!





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The alphabet scroll bar has been put back in for artists and albums, but not liked songs yet. Hopefully this means it is coming back for liked songs soon, as well. Hope this helps! 

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