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Queue bug (now playing and last song disappearing) you

Queue bug (now playing and last song disappearing) you






I've have experiencing the same bug FOR MONTHS by now, and it annoys me a lot. Whenever I queue a song or more and I open the queue list, the now playing and the last song of the list has been disappearing and there is a blank space instead of them. I've attached a picture so you can see clearly.






iPhone 8 Plus (but it was also a thing on my iPhone 6s Plus months ago)

Operating System

I'm on iOS11.4.1 right now, but it was also happening on the previous versions of iOS11


What I've already tired to fix the issue:

I've tried to reinstall the app, I've tried on an other device and also on an other iOS version but it's the same thing is happening for months by now.


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Hey @wilack21, welcome to the Community.

Hope you are doing great!


Spotify is investigating this issue with the queue some users are having. You are not the only one experiencing it 🙂

I will keep you posted on this.

Have a great day!

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