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Queued songs leaving a gap

Queued songs leaving a gap






iPhone 7

Operating System

iOS 11


My Question or Issue

 When I queue a song the song doesn’t show up but it does still play in order, had this problem for a week or so now, wondering how to fix it. 

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Hey @dannymurphy.


Thanks for getting in touch.


Could you try a quick reinstallation ? You can read how to do this here. If that doesn't help, please try a different device and let us know if you experience the same issue.


Send over the following if it's still not working:


  1. Version iOS
  2. Version Spotify
  3. On which devices you experience this issue and on which you don't

We hope the reinstallation will do the trick. Let us know if you have further questions.


Have a nice day!

Hi, I am currently running the following versions of Spotify and iOS,
I haven’t tried it on any other devices so I will try that, cheers

Hey @dannymurphy,


Does this happen while you're using the Connect feature, or by playing directly on the phone? Also, have you tried turning off Shuffle to see if it works differently?


We'd also would like to have the exact Spotify version if you don't mind. 






Hi, it happens when I’m connected and without being connected to a
Bluetooth device and it also happens when it’s on shuffle and not on
shuffle and the exact version of Spotify I’ve got is



im facing the same problem.

I've made a few researches, and there are many people with the same problem and i found many threads, but no solution.

It doesnt really matter which iOS Version or Spotify Version u are running. In my case this bug suddenly appeared with the latest update of Spotify. I've never had problems before. 
But i havent found a solution yet. 
To sum up, what i have tried and didnt worked:
- doesnt matter which wifi i use... or playing over mobile data
- Reinstall the App
- Restart iPhone
- I have also erased and reseted my whole iPhone to default

So nothing of these things worked for me, even the "solution" to change the text size in your general iPhone settings which i found in one of these threads. Queue gap is still there. 
Another thing i've tried: I played spotify on my pc and queued a song. On the PC Version everything is fine. On my iPhone, there is still the bug.

Running Spotify from a friends iPhone 6s. It worked with no problems. No queue bug

Even when it doesnt really matter:
Country: Germany
Device: iPhone 6s
iOS 11.4.1 (your software is up to date)
Spotify Version 8.4.**bleep**.787

So i would be realy thankfull for an helpful answer

Hey @dannymurphy.


Just wanted to confirm that we've understood what the issue is:


In the screenshots you provided, you are showing us that the song you've added to the queue ("Bad") does not appear in the queue, but it plays after "I Love It" instead of "Jumpy Remix", which appears as next in the queue. Is that correct?


@Edshiro - are you experiencing something similar, or are you getting a different queue-related issue?


Let us know,



Hey @Peter


Thats not the Problem. These 2 Screenshots have no connection to each other. The only bug that is shown in these pics is, that the second song which is queued, does not apear (the invisible gap)
There is now another Thread, where the bug is discussed:

Hey @dannymurphy and @Edshiro,


We've rolled out 8.4.71 for iOS this week. Could you update the app and let us know if it's working how it should.


Instead of updating, try a fresh new installation with these instructions. Just to be on the safe side 🙂


Let us know what the result is. Looking forward to hear from you again!


Hi @Guido,


i tried a fresh new installation, like u mentioned in your comment. 

I updated my iOS too. Current Version is now 12.0



I dont want to be rude, and i know u just want to help. But in the update notes u can read exactly what was updated "Fixed an issue where podcast episodes had their timestamp label duplicated"
I cant read anything like "Fixed an issue, where songs in the queue were invisible...."
In my comment above i already said, this queue bug will not dissapear by reinstalling the app or setting your iphone to default. Bug is still there, after all this self-evident solutions when u face a problem on an app.

What i wanted to say, it feels like nobody of you is realy getting into the Problem and the only thing u do is reposting this


So please do me/ us a favor and deal with the problem exactly and cut all of this out, because it wont help... of course i already tried it before writing here. 

When u need some other information, let me know, looking forward to help you getting this bug fixed!


Hey @Edshiro.


Thanks for keeping us posted.


As you mentioned, there is a thread for this issue here, and it is an issue which our tech folks are currently investigating. Make sure to add your vote to the thread and keep following it for updates. Hopefully it should be fixed soon 🙂


Hope that helps!


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