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Quick Play Feature doesn't work on iPhone

Quick Play Feature doesn't work on iPhone

Perhaps there is some workaround for this that I haven't found yet, but as it seems right now this is a pretty annoying bug.  Right now, when I lock my iPhone 4, then double tap the home button, the media player controls comes up.  If spotify wasn't installed this will by default play the iTunes music library.  The problem is that when I have spotify playing, double tapping the home button while the phone is locked should bring up the music controls to interact with spotify.  And it does.... sometimes, but it rarely works.  I havne't been able to find any way to get this to work consistently. 


Also related to this (I believe) is that I have a 2012 Chevy Cruze that has a USB hookup.  It's great because I have a "previous" and "next" control on my steering wheel that let's me switch between songs etc.  If I'm using iTunes I can use this control, however, if I'm using spotify and I hit the "prevoius"/"next" buttons it switches to iTunes instead and starts playing songs from there.  However, I have noticed that only in the circumstance where I'm able to double tap the home button from the locked screen and get the quick play controls FOR SPOTIFY then I am able to use the controls through my car.


Has anyone else experienced this at all, or is there a bug previously logged for this?

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I'm assuming this means that no one else is having this issue?

I have the same issue with the controls in my car. I think it is because the iPod or music app is obviously the default music player for the iPhone. But I would love to figure out a way to work around it so that I can control Spotify through my car, since I very rarely use the iPod app anymore.

Unlike other users, my Spotify App (on iPhone 4S) seem to work / integreate perefctly with my BMW / Mini Cooper ipod connection.


I have been able to view current song title as well as use the back / forward buttons on my steering wheel.


All this has been working perfectly until (regretably) I downloaded the latest Spotify App update this evening (App:, Spotify Core: Now, I'm having the following problems:


- Song title does not display

- Steering controls no longer function

- Quick control (by duouble clicking the home button) no longer works, meaning I have to unlock my phone and control from App directly

- Worst of all, I can now no longer use my iPhone's own music!!!! as for some strange reason the car's integration can no longer see the iphone's local music!! only way to fix this is to delete the Spotify App from my iPhone, which then enables the car integration to restore itself.


Help please!!! I wish if there's anyway I can go back to the 2nd last vesrion of the Spotify iOS App!! 

I can now confirm it is indeed the latest Spotify App Version that has caused this defect. This is how I can confirm:


I have 2 identical iPhone 4S handsets (both running the iOS6.1). One iphone has Spotify version, while the other has Spotify version


I've tested both in my BMW / Mini Cooper.


Version has all the issues described earlier


Version works PERFECTLY!!!


Can anyone tell me if / how I can download the old Spotify iOS version (i.e. Version 0.5.8?) PLEASE!!!

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