Radio missing from Spotify premium

Radio missing from Spotify premium







(iPhone X


ios 12.0.1


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 I have Spotify premium and the radio function has gone. I know it’s missing from the free version. But the support site says it is available for premium 


Is is there a way to get it back?. I have logged in  and out and deleted and redownloaded app. 

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As part of an update to the layout of the Spotify app, Spotify has removed the Radio and Browse buttons from the bottom dock. These features aren't gone, however, they've just moved! Radio can now be found in the new "Search" page, under the "Browse All" section. There you'll find a button titled "Radio" which will bring you to the radio page!


So is radio a premium/desktop only feature now? Cause I can't find it under my browse all. 


Unfortunately Spotify Radio is a desktop/premium only feature. More information about Spotify Radio can be found here!


Thanks. It is far less intuitive to use now. 


The radio button in browse had no search ability. 


It it seems you need to search an artist or song then tap the 3 dots in the top left - where a go to radio option is listed. 


A much more complicated approach. What was wrong with the old way?


So that gets you to Radio but not the list of stations you already created. You can play a premise station or search for an artist but the old functionality is gone. That is something I used all the time may seriously have to rethink paying for this service. 

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