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Radio not good (Downvote Button)

Radio not good (Downvote Button)

Well, like the head says im not a fan of the spotify radio e.g if i downvote a song it'll come up after several songs. Dont i signal with this perticular button that i dont want to listen to this song? or furthermore i always like every song from a certain artist thats his style is just straight garbage for me? same with a whole music genre, i just cant stand dubstep and every 2. song, surprise, dubstep.

well i dont really know how the radio works, i just do it to discover new songs based on my starred titles (180+ or something with lots of different artist genres etc.) but it just throws me back to the same titles again and again and again.

Please, atleast do that downvoted never appear again and maybe that if you downvote a band over and over again (maybe after 5-10times) just drop it out and after, dont know 30 downvoted on a genre leave it out, too.

Just my opinion, open for tips n stuff.
But please, change this downvote button.
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i know its not really the right Subforum because it affects every Service, would be nice if u guys could move it to the right one, thanks.

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