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Re: Can't play playlist or any songs offline - no green arrow, no songs, nothing

Re: Can't play playlist or any songs offline - no green arrow, no songs, nothing

I have a premium account and I can't play my songs offline.  The whole point of paying $$ to have a premium account.  I followed the instructions for playing songs offline but it's not working. First, there is no green arrow no matter what I do, just a white arrow next to the songs, and I can't seem to download them to my iphone so they play when I'm offline.  What the heck. It's frustrating - this is obviously not very user friendly.  And Spotify doesn't even have a contacts page so you can contact them to get the issue resolved or your questions answered - no, they seem to simply rely on the paying members to do the job.  

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Do you have at least 1GB of free storage space left on your device?

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@trin321 at the same time, log out of the app first, reinstall the application, make sure you have a stable connection and sign into the Spotify app again.

it will clear things up.
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