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Really Badly Distorted via Bluetooth and Headphones

Really Badly Distorted via Bluetooth and Headphones

In the past week or so the sound quality has been really bad via bluetooth to my speakers / car and via headphones. It sounds as if the speakers have blown up but it is just the spotify app as it works fine with things like youtube / the built in music player.


The only thing I can think of is updating to ios6.1


Has anybody else had this issues and will there be a fix as I am paying for a premium membership I can't listen to at the minute?

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Same here -


BUT I have two iphone 4S's , same app version, same OS version, and only one Phone sounds really distorted.

Deleted the app and reinstalled and distotion has gone away...

Weird! I was using Spotify via Bluetooth on my morning commute - distortion free. 


Reinstallng should help, although you might want to try "Force Closing" the application first of all - Might get it working again for you, without needing to resync all your tracks again.


To force close, open up Spotify, and then hold down your power button until the "Slide to power off" option appears. Then, hold down the home button until the application shuts down. Open it up again, and ideally, you'll be distortionless. 


Unless you're listening to death metal. Then you might hear distortion. But that'd be intended. 

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