Recent app changes


Recent app changes


I am not sure if this a bug or by design, but I have noticed that radio stations have moved or changed?


the artist stations I have been following and personalizing have been converted into short playlists, and when I go back to the artist page to start a station it is brand new and doesn’t let me follow the station anymore. Is this by design?


i also notice the thumbs up and down has been removed. Can you no longer personalize stations?


i hope this is a bug as these seem like awful features to remove. 


Using the latest version of iOS

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Re: Recent app changes

Gig Goer

I have Version 8.4.85 (newest version), at the top right of an artist screen there are 3 dot at the top right. Select them and a screen should slide up with a "Go to radio" option. The thumbs up has been replaced with a heart and the thumbs down has been replaced with a cancel sign. These are just cosmetic changes from what I can tell.

Re: Recent app changes

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Spotify has made an overhaul update for the Premium users and you can chek the changes in this article.

If you don't like the changes made by Spotify you can submit about what you would like to change again in Idea Submissions board.

Hope it helps :)

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Re: Recent app changes

Casual Listener

Just updated my android app and I am having the same problem. No more actual stations just weird short playlists that I can't thumb up or down. I don't have the option to heart or dislike (cancel sign) either like the other comment said we should have access to. Either I am doing something wrong or they just had one of the worst updates possible.

Re: Recent app changes


theres also still no scroll bar on iOS when android has had one for like over 4 years. the app is complete garbage on iOS and the developers dont seem to give a **bleep** whatsoever. horrible customer service, extremely disappointed with how shitty they treat their users on iOS. I wish i could switch to a different music streaming app without losing all my saved songs, spotify is absolutely horrible on iOS

Re: Recent app changes

Casual Listener

I have the exact same issue.  It seems intermittent or at least inconsistent enough that it must be a bug.  I am getting the wierd radio playlists instead of actual stations (including a lack of thumbs up/heart or down buttons)...but today I innitiated a station via my macbook controling the app on my iphone, and the exact same list began functioning like a radio station again (like/dislike options returned).