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Recently Played doesn't work in Car Play

Recently Played doesn't work in Car Play



on my iPhone 6, when I tip on "Library", I also see the latest/recently played albums, playlists etc.

When I launch Spotify via Car Play in my car, I also see the recently played albums/playlists. Nevertheless, everythime when I choose one of them, I get the error message that the selected item can't be played. (it works fine when I select it directly on my phone, but it doesn't when I select it via Car Play)


Has anybody an idea how to solve this issue? 


Thanks in advance!







iPhone 6

Operating System

iOS 10


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Adding a screenshot as well. This is the error message that I get when I select something from "recently played".

Would appreciate if someone has an idea how to fix this!

Error message for recently playedError message for recently played

Hey @ochrasy.


Thanks for reaching out on the Community 🙂

Have you tried to reinstall Spotify on your device? That usually does the trick if you're having any issues.


Let us know how it goes. If you still need help, we'll be right here.


Take care,




Regrettably, this didn't fix the issue. I even set-up my iPhone completely new and also newly downloaded the albums/playlists.


Nevertheless, I cannot play anything from the "recently played" list. I always need to switch to the library and search for the album playlist from scratch. (which is actually really annoying when it's not on top of the list)


Do you have another idea how to fix the issue?

I just tested Spotify with apple car play with an iPhone X and it is working fine.


does anybody have an idea, why recently played albums/playlists can’t be played with an iPhone 6?


is there also a Trick how I can quickly find an artist or album with a beginning letter like Z? Currently, I need to scroll down the entire list which is really annoying when you have many albums on your phone.


the Apple Music app on car play offers at least a kind of quick scrolling while showing the first letters.

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