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Recently Played list contents disappeared

Recently Played list contents disappeared

I noticed over the weekend -- at least twice -- that all the entries in my "recently played" list (the list of recnetly played playlists and albums in the "your library" view, below playlists, stations, songs, etc.) were gone.  The list would repopulate as I listened, and then all the entries disappeared again.


This is the latest version of Spotify on an iPhone 6 running ios9.


Is anybody else noticing this?


(The list entries MAY have disappeared after I deleted playlists from the playlists view, but I am not 100% certain there is a connection.)



4 Replies

Hello @LPerson


I have not noticed this yet, but this is expected behaviour 🙂 Spotify is collecting feedback on this though 🙂


I hope this helped! 🙂


Have An Awesome Day! 🙂

Thanks for responding @jean3601.


This is a bug.  When I delete playlists from YOUR LIBRARY | PLAYLISTS random entries in RECENTLY PLAYED are also removed.  I have definitely observed this.  Can you tell me how to report a bug?



Mmm, this is really strange, you can create an ongoing issues post here, that should bring it to the attention of the spotify support staff 🙂


I hope this helped! 🙂


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