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Related songs gone from app on iPhone4S

Related songs gone from app on iPhone4S

Hello everyone!
I need your help once more: does anyone know when the feature 'Related songs' is going to reappear in the iPhone app??? It's the best reason to use Spotify for me so I'd really like having it back.
Thanks for your help!
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This feature was announced in an early July app release, but most people seem to have never got it, and it also seems that those who did often only had it temporarily.  It was again announced as comming soon in a September app release, and speraking for myself,  I still don't have it (and never did at any point).  Maybe this festure is only for some people some of the time.  At least you were lucky enough to have tried it.

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Oh no that's sad! I hope it's released for everyone soon 'cause the experience of the appis really not the same without this feature.

Thanks for your reply anyway.

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